Organizational Health Assessment

Take targeted action using data-driven insights

Arrowhead's unique Organizational Health Assessment (OHA) signifies an evolutionary leap in our ability to foster thriving, efficient, and resilient organizations across public, private, and nonprofit sectors. It is not simply a diagnostic tool; the OHA is a conduit for meaningful change, providing precise and actionable insights to drive performance enhancement. Operating at the intersection of speed, simplicity, and sophistication, the OHA is designed to illuminate the full spectrum of an organization’s health.

We've harnessed the power of candid feedback from our clients, fusing their lived experiences with the people, processes, and tools they interact with daily. The OHA delves beneath surface symptoms, exploring the intricacies of organizational health and, in turn, identifying both highlights and areas that require attention.

Through the OHA, Arrowhead offers more than just a snapshot of current conditions. We provide a roadmap, crafted from data-driven insights, that guides organizations towards strategic solutions for identified pain points.